learning the Liana way

Friday, October 17, 2008

custom service up!!!

I now have my custom service up at etsy, you can find it in my side bar... I'm still prego and Liana is still having fun with her uncle visiting....

I'm starting to think I have way to much going on.... nnnaaa

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I probably won't be posting to much on this blog for the next month... have alot going on... Liana is starting to go through the terrible 18 month old stage..... Tells us no and throws her self on the floor and screams, I guess no matter what you do they still act that way.... Maybe she'll get over it when her baby brother arrives...

As for the cirriculum, I'm not liking anything I come up with... I'm starting to think everyone thats say children this young don't need one are right!!! I'm going to wait til shes bigger to do a cirrculum type thing... She learns just fine the way things are....

Friday, October 3, 2008

Busy busy bees....

We have been very busy getting ready for baby and tieing up lose end projects.... My cirrculum is just not turning out how I want it to.... I need to put alot more thought into it....

Liana and I are working on baby care!!! I bought her a baby doll to practice with... She holds it, puts it bed, and throws it ( still working on that part lol) She runs around yelling for her baby, its so cute!!! She learning more and more things as the days go by, so I'm very proud!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

exciting stuff...

We did our normal routine today! I have some exciting news!!! As you know I've been researching and researching the toddler cirruculms, so I decided to make and sell my own.. It will be printable and easy to use... At a very reasonable price and have all the basic learning skills... Of course you will need minor supplies... I'm hoping to release oct month for oct 1 st at my hybridshoppe.com... I'll be making them month by month.... I'm so excited for this project

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

not so much wednesday..

Liana realy didn't want to learn much today, so we just played.. We read some books and cleaned the house... She help(sorta) me with laundry.. The rest of the day we organized baby stuff.. She sleeping and soon I will be too!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

gymboree day!!!

I will be having a custom glass pendant service available at my store and on this blog soon!!
Today was a gymboree day, She participate as much as she could!! When we got home we read the new book I got from wal-mart.. I see a monster touch and feel book.. Very cute.. played with her shape flash cards, read her little scholatics number book (must have book) and colored with markers..
Yesterday her daddy put together her desk and bookshelve!! I was so happy about both!! Its a little hard playing on the floor these days..since I'm 33 weeks pregnant..
When we arrived home on sunday night, the oct month of high reach arrived harvest!! To my surprise it didn't have much to do with harvest or fall.. Its cute and has alot of ideas but just isn't for Liana.. I will cancel it... beside its 40$ a month and I find way to many cute hands on learning things to be stuck with a curriculm I have to buy stuff for.. For example dj inkers file folder games to go, I laminated the pieces and probably will be getting the folder laminated to, add some velcro and you've got yourself a fun hands on learning game!!! I bought set 1 and 3.. Set 1 is better for Liana.. Its got colors, shapes, animals, and much more.. I definitly love the way we are doing things.. Not being pushy, just finding fun things that keep her attention even if its only 10 mins, it still makes a difference..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

OOO the cools things I come across!!

I found a direct sale company that has to do with learning toys!!! You can throw parties and earn toys... I wish I knew more people were we moved!! Anyways maybe this can help someone else..